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Africa2020 is a 20/20 vision for millions of Africans everywhere in the world to become independent in business and wealth by the year 2020.

We will share tools and ideas how to achieve this and everyone is welcome to join in this project to build mutual success and economic freedom.


Africa2020 brings us together. Together we grow stronger.


Network with Webtalk

We network via a new social CRM network Webtalk. Great networking has never been easier.


Earn while communicating

Instead of using other "social media" such as LinkedIn and Facebook, use Webtalk to achieve more success.


Community Support

Receive ready support from users like yourself in the Telegram WebtalkAfrica chat group.

Build your Profile and invite others

When you join Webtalk you must use your real name, real photo, and put a real bio on your About Me section and make this visible to the public. Then start inviting your friend and family to do the same. Your invitation link to share to invite others will be on your Menu. Build up your network while Webtalk is still in Beta, and then register as an Affiliate free of charge and start making money as soon as it is out of Beta (likely early 2019). For more information see Webtalk Questions and Answers.



Build your book of business

No matter who you are, you have something to say about yourself. Sell your qualities on your profile. If you are a stay-at-home Mother and have raised or are raising children, that too is an Experience that should go into your Experience section of your Webtalk Profile. That is a job title: Mother and company: Home. After you completed your profile, start building your connections: first, Follow those who are influencers, such as Agrippa Michael, Freeman Edem, Blaq Deen, Louis Szondy and others. Follow advice and keeping inviting people. All those you invite are your book of business for future income from commissions. For more information see Towards Success.

We got you covered

Building a website from scratch without guidance can be difficult and expensive. That is why you don't have to. Webtalk comes equipped with your own Profile page that you can easily edit and share. Furthermore, if you have a genuine profile, photo and have put www.Africa2020.com in your Webtalk Profile contact section as your Website link, we will list your profile here at Africa2020.com on our Profiles page so you receive more exposure. For further details on what to do, please see Towards Success.


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