Africa2020 has a vision for sharing ways in which more of us can be free and independent in business and wealth. To be independent it helps to have our own businesses and sources of income, that can be handed down to our loved ones.

Africa2020 therefore provides a forum for people who wish to see this vision materialize and provides some tools for you to network, build your own business relationships, show case your talent, communicate better and achieve success.

Please see the Help Docs menu top right for how to get started and what you can do. We will also develop the Forums as time goes on, to be appropriate for the main areas of activity.

Current opportunities that Africa2020 endorses will feature on the Help Docs menu. Follow the advice there and you will be on your way toward hopefully achieving the Africa2020 vision for many.

At present we seen an opportunity in the use of Webtalk as a new platform to communicate, network, present our skills and achievements via our profiles, as well as gain more exposure for our businesses.

Please see Toward Success for more information about how to do this.