In spite of having the most wealthy continent in the world, African people are often the poorest in the world, due to discrimination abroad, and theft of resources at home. Our gold is sold, our currencies devalued.

Africa2020 provides information about how to free ourselves from this situation, by building and supporting our own businesses, and making use of tools and resources that can help us to advance our positions.

Webtalk is one such tool. Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others that make money off our use every time we see the advertisements but give us none of this money and don't share it with their users, we should use Webtalk which will be giving us 10% of all of the income they make from those that we invite for life. Full details are here.

How to get started

The very best way is by first signing up to Webtalk and then inviting those that are close to you and know you best: your family, friends and work colleagues. USE Webtalk every day, and start with these 5 easy steps. Once you have done that for a while, you can start inviting others, and even have local meet ups where you invite those that you have invited, to bring along their family and friends along with their mobile internet phone, so that you can help them to demonstrate Webtalk, discuss the Africa2020 vision, and get their friends and family also signed up under them, by using their own referral links (see Track Referrals on their Webtalk menu).

In this way you are ALL building up future income that will go live as soon as Webtalk is finished with testing and starts making money from advertising, account upgrades, business pages, market place where goods, services and time can be sold, and much more besides. Remember, that 10% of this income goes to you, and all those you invited up to 5 levels of separation deep! This is a great way to be making money into the future by simply doing what you normally do on Facebook or other platforms, and instead, now do it on Webtalk.

Get Listed on

Having your Name and Webtalk Profile Link listed on Profiles page will drive up your Webtalk Profile page rank in Google and other web search engines. This means, when people search for your name in the search engine, you have a higher chance to appear higher up in the search results, and you control what is written on your profile. This is great for reputation management and finding better job positions if you are seeking employment.

To have your Name and Webtalk Profile link on the Profiles page you just need to do the following: 1) Use your real name on your Webtalk Profile as well as your real photo, 2) have a background photo and tag line on your Webtalk Profile, 3) Have a public "About Me" section on your Webtalk Profile, and 4) put as your website link either in your Webtalk Profile contact section as website or somewhere on your Webtalk Profile "About Me" section using code:

<b><a href=""></a></b>

Then contact us via the Contact menu here at giving the link to your Profile so we can check it and add you to the list of Top Profiles.

Going Professional

Once you have been using Webtalk regularly with your friends, family, colleagues and connections, and are thus familiar with how it works, and have built up a good profile and got at least one Recommendation from one of those who know you, on your profile, now you can be ready to register as an Affiliate as soon as Webtalk completes Beta testing and opens up SocialCPX web site where you can track your earnings and withdraw money.

Until such time, and even afterwards, use Webtalk to show the best of your profile, put it in your Email signatures, share your invitation link on other social media, and remember that even from your Profile page anyone clicking the Join button there, will automatically be in your referral network and you will see them on your Track Referrals page (and later in SocialCPX too). Use the great networking capabilities of Webtalk to find opportunities.

Visit the Profiles of the various people here on Africa2020 Profiles page for tips and information, and visit the Profiles of those who have looked at your Webtalk profile (you get a notification every time someone does, unlike on Facebook where you have no idea who visited your profile or page) and check out their Profile too. If they want to Connect with you they will: otherwise you can follow each others public Posts. Please do not direct message people unless they know you and you are sure it will be useful to them, otherwise they may disconnect from you.

Important Tips

It is always best to only Connect with people you actually know, and if someone is in a higher position and does not know you, you should not request a Connection, but Follow them. Build up your own position by expanding on your Experience and listing that in your Profile. Post carefully, especially posts to the Public.

Make sure to Edit each of your Contacts, to add useful tags, such as location, or job, or interest, so that you can easily find them when searching your Contacts. Also put them into the correct category, such as Professional, and/or Personal, and any sub categories. This will help you a lot later. If you do not know the person directly and you don't have much to offer them as yet, don't Connect, instead, Follow, and Save As Contact. If you don't want to see their public posts but just save them as a Contact, then choose Save Contact.

When you get incoming Connection requests, visit the Profile of the person if you do not know them, and only accept Connections from people you know, or who have a good profile and are not fake. You can tell a fake profile by some things such as if they are Following thousands of people. If they are following thousands, they will not see your posts, and are just playing games. If you decline a Connection request, that is quite OK, they will only be following your public posts.

If you accept a Connection request, they will see your general Professional and/or Personal posts, unless you post with Custom, depending on which category you put them in.

For More Help

  • Join the WebtalkAfrica unofficial chat group at
  • Join the WebtalkPro Telegram alerts channel at
  • See the Frequently Asked Questions at
  • Ask the person who invited you to Webtalk
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